Public Lectures

Seeking an in-depth perspective on the Iraq war

Date: 2003/05/10
Place: Lecture Room 21 in Meitokukan, Imadegawa Campus, Doshisha University
Lecture: Section 1: Lectures
Koji Murata (Associate Professor of Faculty of Law at Doshisha University), "Depth of President Bush's Foreign Policy."

Koichi Mori (Professor of Faculty of Theology at Doshisha University), "Depth of the Religious State, The United States of America."

Ko Nakata (Professor of Faculty of Theology at Doshisha University), "Depth of Islam & Jihad."
Section 2: Panel
Panelists: Koji Murata, Koichi Mori, Ko Nakata
Chair: Katsuhiro Kohara (Associate Professor of Faculty of Theology at Doshisha University)
During the Iraq War, war correspondents simultaneously reported a great number of military events to an audience all over the world.
When receiving such a flood of information, we pay too much attention to surface issues and hardly understand the "depth" of the war.
What drove people to become enthusiastic for the war?
What can we do to reduce the impulse toward violence and to help people understand each other? What are the crucial points for promoting security in the 21st Century?
This symposium provides the opportunity for intellectually "diving" from the surface to the depths.