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Public Lectures

The Second CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies (2006)

Various Aspects in Jewish Studies: Surrounding Cultures and Dialogues

Date: 2006/12/09
10:00 am -12:15 pm
Session A

The Ancient Near East and the Bible
Opening Words TESHIMA Isaiah (Doshisha University)

ECHIGOYA Akira (Doshisha University)

A.1 YAMADA Shigeo (Tsukuba University)
'The Book of Kings and Historical Writings in Mesopotamia"
A.2 ISHIKAWA Ritsu (Doshisha University)
'The Acceptance of Surrounding Thought in Israel
- The Case of Psalms '
A.3 Taggar-COHEN, Ada (Doshisha University)
A.4 IKEDA Yutaka (Tsukuba University and The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan)

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Session B
Islam and the Bible in the Middle-Ages

ICHIKAWA Hiroshi (The University of Tokyo)

B.1 NAKATA Ko (Doshisha University)
'The Meaning of Scripture as the Word of God in Islam'
B.2KAMADA Shigeru (The University of Tokyo)
'Ibn Hazem and Judaism'
B.3 NAKAMURA Nobuhiro (Doshisha Women’s College)
B.4 KATSUMURA Hiroya (Kobe Shoin Women's University)

3:45 pm - 6:15 pm
Session C
The Jewish People and Modern Law

USUKI Akira (Japan Women’s University)

C.1 ISHIZAKI Yoshihiko (Setsunan University)
'On The Right and The Law - From Straussian Perspective'
C.2 NAGAO Ryuichi (Nihon University, The University of Tokyo)
'Enlargement of European Union and Holocaust Studies'
C.3OHTSUKA Kazuo (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
C.4 SHIBATA Toshiko (The University of Tokyo)
Closing Remarks MORI Koichi (Doshisha University)