Public Lectures

Public Lecture

Büklükale: A Hittite City along Kızılırmak river.

Date: 2021/04/17 15:00-16:25
Place: Online(zoom platform)
Lecture: MATSUMURA Kimiyoshi
Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology/ Researcher
Büklükale, which is situated at the western bank of the Kızılırmak river, is an ancient city in the 2nd. Millennium BC composed of two part: a citadel and a city area which is spread to west of it. The excavations since 2009 reveal Hittite cultural layers that overlay one after another, and a trading center and a palace in the Assyrian Colony period. Finds from Büklükale such as Hittite and Hurrian cuneiform tablets, bullae of the Hittite King/ Queen indicate the strong relationship with the Hittite royal family and show that Büklükale was one of the important Hittite cities. In this conference, I would like to talk about the strong international and cultural connection of Anatolia (today's Turkey) in the second Millennium BC.