21st Century COE Program Archive

Summer Training Program in Syria 2007

Thursday, Aug. 2

  1. Departure from Osaka


Friday, Aug. 3

  1. Arrival at Dubai, Move to Damascus
  2. Visit Abu Nour
  3. Meeting with Dr. Sh. Salah, Director of Abu Nour
  4. Attending Friday Khutbah and prayers
  5. Lunch with Dr. Sh.Salah at his house in the country side


Saturday, Aug. 4

  1. Lectures on Madhaheb in Syria and the role of religious leaders in Family Law in English by Mr Ibrahim Matar
  2. Visit Bimarstan Al Noori
  3. Afternoon lecture by Cardinal Roman
  4. In the evening view from Kassyoun


Sunday, Aug. 5

  1. Visit Bab Toma – Bab Sharqi – 3 Churches in the area
  2. Drive to Sydnaya – Maaloula ( Lecture by Grand Sister )
  3. Lecturein the Evangelical Church
  4. "Christianity in Syria – the History and theTeachings" by Bishop Butros Za'our
  5. Lecture on Language of Jesus by visiting to Monastry on Maalula


Monday, Aug. 6

  1. Transfer to Palmyra. On the way rest stop at Baghdad cafe
  2. Palmyra city tour and Der Ezzor


Tuesday, Aug. 7

  1. Visit Mari & Dura Europos, Halabia & Zalabia, Rasafah, Raqqa, amd Aleppo


Wednesday, Aug. 8

  1. Aleppo city tour
  2. Visit the Museum, Citadel, Bimarstan, the old Souq & Khans, St. Simeon, and Dead Cities


Thursday Aug. 9

  1. Drive to Lattakia, On the way Salah Al Din Castle, Slenfeh, Kassab, Ugarit, and Ras Shamra


Friday, Aug. 10

  1. Visit Kurdaha, Jableh, Banyas, Al Marqab Castle, Tartous, Arwad Island, Amrit, and Mashta El Helou


Saturday, Aug. 11

  1. Visit Crack Des Chevalier, Safita, Drekish, Hosen Sulieman
  2. Move to Damascus


Sunday, Aug 12

  1. Visit Shahba, Qanawat, Sweidaa, Bosra, Muzeirib Lake, Tal Shehab
  2. Go back to Damascus


Monday, Aug 13

  1. Lecture on the History of Syrian Diet to the present by Mr. Ghalib Unaiz
  2. Move to Dubai


Tuesday, Aug 14

  1. Departure from Dubai
  2. Arrive at Osaka