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Strategic Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Accelerating Brain Circulation

Research theme:
“Interrelations and Dialogue among the Communities of Monotheistic Religions in the Multicultural Age”



What's News 

2014/04/17 Proceedings of the research workshop on Interrelations and Dialogue among Monotheistic Religions in the Multicultural Age is now available here.
2013/10/04 CISMOR will have the Seminar ”Islamic Law and Ethics in the Multi-religious World” at Hartford seminary on 10th-11th October.
2012/2/18 To widely communicate the significance and purpose of our research project conducted under this program, we organized an international symposium titled, “Conflicts and Enrichment Through Interreligious Encounters: Remembering the Past and Envisioning the Future of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


Outline of the research project 

Against the backdrop of the progress of globalization, the sheer importance of multiculturalism is now being recognized in all parts of the world. However, mutual understanding of cultural diversity, which is essential for building a multicultural society, has been achieved only insufficiently, as evidenced by the growth of Islamophobia (hatred of Islam) in the Western world and the Palestine-Israel conflict in the Middle East that shows no sign of resolution. This research project focuses on sacred books, traditions, and thoughts—or “the sources of values”—of the three monotheistic religions, namely, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, with an aim to shed new light on the mutual influence among these religions in the process of the changes in their theological thoughts, from the perspectives of theology, law, and history of thought. In doing so, we hope to take a step toward building new relationships among these three religious communities. To be specific, we will pursue four research topics in the four countries as shown below.

  1. The doctrine of Islam and the change in the image of Muslims as seen from the perspective of Christian theology
  2. The influence of Islamic thought seen in the tradition of Jewish thought
  3. Attempts to develop compatible national identities in Jewish thought
  4. The theory of Islamic law concerning the political unity of religious communities and the theory’s regional influence


Strategic Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Accelerating Brain Circulation

Hosted by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, this program is designed to produce high-caliber researchers capable of playing a central role in international joint research networks, thus contributing to Japan’s academic excellence. This program offers support to universities and research institutes in sending young researchers involved in world-class international joint research activities to overseas institutes in accordance with their respective international research strategies, thereby providing promising researchers with opportunities to pursue ambitious research goals.


Click here to access the website of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science where more information about this program is provided.