Mr. Friedmann Hottenbacher visited CISMOR


Mr. Friedmann Hottenbacher visited CISMOR on September 25th 2019. Mr. Hottenbacher is a freelance journalist and film-maker living in Berlin. He visited CISMOR in preparation for a documentary film on the topic “Jews in Japan” for the German public network ZDF. He found that an important entryway into this subject is through the life-work of the late Prof. Masanori Miyazawa, who for many years taught at Doshisha Women’s College, and dedicated his research to understanding the attitudes Japanese had towards Jews. Prof. Miyazawa was also a research fellow of CISMOR, Mr. Hottenbacher wished to learn more of his work and on the various academic activities of CISMOR related to Jewish Studies. CISMOR researchers are glad to support his project.