Message from the Director

SHINOHE-PHOTOAda Taggar-Cohen 
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions (CISMOR)
Doshisha University

The Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Monotheistic Religions, abbreviated as CISMOR, was established in 2003 as part of a vision shared by the professors of the School of Theology at Doshisha University, to introduce the study of monotheistic religions other than Christianity. Thus, beside the traditional study and teaching of Christianity conducted since the School of Theology was established at the birth of the university, professors of Judaism and Islam were added to the faculty and the study of various other cultural traditions was encouraged.
The addition of new fields of study in collaboration with scholars from other Doshisha faculties and various international institutions with the support of the Center, opened up new roads of research for a large number of young scholars who were taking their first steps in academic studies. For the last fifteen years the Center has been a platform for innovative research and academic cooperation for both experienced scholars from Japan and abroad and the young ones who were able to benefit by their experience. The Center’s various activities were made possible first thanks to large grants from the Japanese government, and lately by the support of the University.
Being part of the Center since its establishment I have initiated and formed comparative research of the monotheistic religions via different projects such as international conferences, extending invitations to visiting scholars and involvement in various publications. A special consideration was given to our young scholars, for whom the publications of the Center offer a way to present their research and create dialogue with scholars inside and outside of Japan.
In the coming years, having been given the opportunity to lead the Center’s activities, I would like to further our international contacts with colleagues and institutions abroad in joint research teams relating to the study of monotheistic religions, while continuing the support of the young academic scholars coming into the field.

CISMOR offers today a pluralistic venue in a vibrant community of scholars from Japan and other countries in Europe, America, the Middle East and East Asia. You are invited to explore our activities and learn of our research publications on this long-established website.