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> News > 【10/17 CISMOR Seminar no.1/2020】 *registration is needed ( online)


【10/17 CISMOR Seminar no.1/2020】 *registration is needed ( online)


We will hold the CISMOR Seminar series (no.1/2020)

What is the Antonym of Sin?

Christianity and The Place of Dazai’s Narrative in the Literary Discourse of the Pre- and Postwar Years

 on the following time and place:

Date: October 17, 2020 (Saturday) 11:00-12:30   

Lecturer:Prof. Massimiliano Tomasi

(Western Washington University, Director, Center for East Asian Studies)

【Language: English only. No interpretation】

Registration in advance is needed. Please send us Email to the address below including

1)Your Name

2)Your affiliation and status

3)E-mail address

For more details about the seminar, please refer to here.

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Registration deadline : October 11, 2020 (Sun)