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> News > 【2023/12/22 CISMOR Seminar no.3/2023】“Computational Approaches to the Study of Hadith” *registration is needed


【2023/12/22 CISMOR Seminar no.3/2023】“Computational Approaches to the Study of Hadith” *registration is needed


We will hold the CISMOR Seminar (no.3/2023)

“Computational Approaches to the Study of Hadith”

on the following time and place:

Friday, December22, 2023 【Japan】14:00-16:00

Lecturer: Mairaj Syed

(Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of California, Davis, USA)

【On Site】Divinity Hall Kyodokenkyushitsu(4th floor), Imadegawa

              Campus, Doshisha University

 【Online】ZOOM Platform

This seminar will be held in a hybrid format. Both require prior registration.

Please send e-mail for register to temoriya[a][a]to@)

Registration closes on December 20, 2023.

【Summary】Over the last few decades, there has been a significant surge in the digitization of Islamic texts, including Hadith sources. The unique structure and high volume of Hadith make them particularly well-suited for digital analysis. This structure typically involves a list of names documenting the transmission, known as “isnad,” prepended to the actual text of the Hadith. The volume encompasses not just the sheer number of Hadiths—estimated to be around 500,000—but also the extensive data collected on individual transmitters. The lecture explores three types of digital analysis: 1) Basic statistical analysis that integrates isnad and biographical data to map Hadith transmission activity across cities and years. 2) Social network analysis that extracts relationships from individual isnads, filling gaps in biographical dictionaries. 3) Machine learning techniques that annotate isnad data, enabling the development of NLP tools that expedite research by automatically identifying narrators.

If you have any questions or have any trouble in registration, please feel free to contact us: Moriyama Teruaki or CISMOR Office, Doshisha University

Email: temoriya[a] or rc-issin[a][a]to@)