第 11 回 CISMOR ユダヤ学会議/The 11th CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies
Pilgrimage Through the Ages:In Religious and Non-Religious Context

CISMOR Series of Online Lectures for the
Academic Year 2021-2022





Ora Limor

“Loca Desiderarta”: Sacred Space and Holy Land Pilgrimage in Christian Culture


世俗社会の聖地巡礼: 信仰なき巡礼ツーリズムの広がり

Daniella Talmon-Heller

Islamic Pilgrimage in the Middle East: An Overview

Ada Taggar Cohen

Pilgrimage in the Ancient Near East: The Hittite Texts and the Hebrew Bible


中世ユダヤ聖書解釈における巡礼: アバルヴァネルを中心に



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第 10 回CISMORユダヤ学会議/The 10thCISMOR Annual Conference on Jewish Studies vol.10

The Place of Christianity in Modern Hebrew and Japanese Literature:
Its Roots and its Contemporary Expressions

目 次/Contents


Part I – The Place of Christianity in Modern Hebrew Literature

Avner Holtzman

“From Reservation to Enchantment: Hebrew Poetry Observes Christian Art”

Neta Stahl

“The Dead Christ: Ekphrasis in Three Turn-of-the-Millennium Israeli Novels”

Hanna Soker-Schwager

“In the Beginning Was the Word”- Its Hebrew Translation and its Role in Hebrew Literature: The Case of Meir Wieseltier”

Yigal Schwartz

“The Gospel of Amos Oz”

Tamar Setter
“The Character of Jesus as a Key to the Biographical Interpretation of David Schütz’s Body of Work”

Haim Weiss
“The Martyrdom of Ben-Teradion: Between Body and Text”

Etsuko Katsumata
“Christianity from the Perspective of Wissenschaft des Judentums: Jesus and Christianity According to Abraham Geiger”

Part II – The Place of Christianity in Modern Japanese Literature

Doron B. Cohen
“Christianity in Japan and its Impact on Literature: A Short Introduction”

Nobuhiro Nakamura
“Literature as the Interface Between the Foundation of Modern Japanese Culture and Christianity”

Massimiliano Tomasi
“The Influence of Christianity on Meiji and Taishō Literature and Beyond”

Hisao Takagi
“Pauline Tenet Echoing in an Unlikely Place: Judaism and Christianity in High School Textbooks in Japan”

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ユダヤ学会議 vol.9/ The 9th CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies vol.9

Judaism and Japanese Culture: Studies in Honor of Yoel Hoffmann



Prepared by Doron B. Cohen
“Concise Biography and Bibliography of Yoel Hoffmann”
Mariko Tsujita
“Yoel Hoffman’s Days in Kyoto, 1970-74”

Part I: The Literary Work of Yoel Hoffmann

Yigal Schwartz
“The Adventures of the Heart: An Introduction to Yoel Hoffmann”
Nili Scharf Gold
“Yoel Hoffman’s Curriculum Vitae and Japanese Death Poems as Keys to Reading his Work
Rachel Albeck-Gidron
“Caesura and Holding in Yoel Hoffman’s Texts”

PartⅡ: Philosophy in the Context of Yoel Hoffmann’s Work

Iddo Landau
“Yoel Hoffmann and the Meaning Life”
Masato Goda
“A Philosophy of “Death Poems”

PartⅢ: Yoel Hoffmann’s Art of Trnaslation

Doron B. Cohen
“Yoel Hoffmann as haiku Translator”
Janine Beichman
“Yoel Hoffmann as Japanolpogist: Japanese Death Poems
Lihi Yariv-Laor
“Linguistic and Cultural Trans-creation: From Conceptual Patterns in the Chinese Bible Versions to Yoel Hoffmann’s Translational Stance”

PartⅣ: Isaeli & Middle Eastern Literature, Islaeli Culture and Japan

Takafumi Akimoto
The Seven Good Years in Japanese: Translating a Translation without the Original”
Kazue Hosoda
“Japanese Reception of Literary Translation from the Middle East: Focus on Arabic and Hebrew Literature”
Yoshimi Miyake
“Cultural Key Terms and Politeness in Communications in Israel”

PartⅤ: Judaism and Japan

Hiroshi Ichikawa
“Talmudic Discussion in Japanese: On the Possibility of Cultural Innovation”
Yu Takeuchi
“Outsiders Know Better?―Introducing the ‘Righteous Foreigners’ in the Hebrew Bible and their Significance”

プログラム/Conference Prgoram

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ユダヤ学会議 vol.8/ The 8th CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies vol.8

Kabbalah and Sufism: Esoteric Beliefs and Practices in Judaism and Islam in Modern Times


巻頭言/ Preface


Part I: Jewish Mysticism

Boaz Huss
“Kabbalah and its Contemporary Revival”
Boaz Huss
”Jewish Mysticism:The Invention of an Unbroken Jewish Tradition”
Doron B. Cohen 
“On Kabbalah and its Scholarship, On Terms and Definitions: A Response to Prof. Boaz Huss”

Part II: Neo-Sufism

Mark Sedgwick 
“Islamic Mysticism and Neo-Sufism”
Mark Sedgwick
“Neo-Sufism in the 1960s: Idries Shah”
Teruaki Moriyama
“A Response to Prof. Mark Sedgwick: ‘Neo-Sufism in the 1960s: Idries Shah’”

Part III: Religious Issues in Hisotrical and Textual Perspectives Young scholars’ workshop

Hajime Yamamoto
“Communication between the Gods and the Hittite King”
Koji Osawa
“The Interpretations of the Golden Calf Story in Exodus 32: A New Suggestion Based on Comparison with Syriac Christianity”
Aiko Kanda
“Conditions for Attaining True Knowledge of God: According to the Guide of the Perplexed Ⅲ: 52-54
Shinichi Yamamoto
“A Comparative Analysis of Kabbalistic and Ismā`īlī World Cycles”

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編集後記/Editorial Comment


ユダヤ学会議 vol.7 / The 7th CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies vol.7

Jewish Cultural Creativity in Medieval Times and its Relations With Christian and Islam Traditions of Thought

目次: Contents

巻頭言/ Preface

序 論/ Introduction

ドロン・B・コヘン/Doron B. Cohen 
 「二つの世界のあいだで」 / “Between Two Worlds”


Part I: Jewish Culture in Medieval Christian Europe

Marc Saperstein
“Medieval Jewish Cultural Creativity in Response to Persecution”
Marc Saperstein 
“Medieval Jewish Cultural Creativity Under Christian Infl uence”
― Texts quoted at the workshop
Doron B. Cohen 
“On Theodicy, Medieval Pietists and the Suffering Messiah: A Response to Marc Saperstein”
― Hebrew texts quoted in the response


Part II: Aspects of Jewish Medieval Thought: Maimonides

Warren Zev Harvey 
“Maimonides’ Monotheism: Between the Bible and Aristotle”
Warren Zev Harvey
“Maimonides on the Meaning of ‘Perplexity’ (hayra=aporía)”
Hisao Takagi 
“‘One Word that Guides us to the Philosophy: A Response to Warren Zev Harvey”
Warren Zev Harvey
Addenda following the workshop discussion


Part III: Jewish Culture Encountering Muslim Thought

Daniel Davies
“Between Philosophers and Theologians: Maimonides’ Response to Avicenna’s Infinite World”
Aiko Kanda 
“Cosmology of Maimonides: Examining the Differences in Greek and Islamic Thought”
Yu Hoki
“Specifi c Property and Specifi c Form in Maimonides’ Medical Literature and Guide for the Perplexed”
Toshiharu Nigo
“Eastward Advance of Andalusian Jewish-Muslim Culture from the 12th Century Onward:Toward a New Vision of Islamic Thought”

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ユダヤ学会議 vol.6 / The 6th CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies vol.6
ヘブライ語文化の復興: 現代ユダヤ教における意義・日本文化との関係
“The Revival of Hebrew Culture in the Context of Modern Judaism and in Relation to Japan

目次: Contents

巻頭言/ Preface

挨 拶/ Greetings

アダ・タガー・コヘン/ Ada Taggar-Cohen 
序 論/ Introduction
A. B. イェホシュア/ A. B. Yehoshua
“Israel Between Myth and History”
ニッツァ・ベン=ドヴ/ Nitza Ben-Dov
“Hebrew Culture- A World of Words and Journeys”
高尾 千津子/ Chizuko Takao
「オデッサからヤッフォへ— 19 世紀ロシアにおけるヘブライ文学の発展」
“From Odessa to Jaffa- The Evolution of Hebrew Literature since the 19th Century”
赤尾 光春/ Mitsuharu Akao
「シオニスト的ユートピア小説の系譜と 『他者』の不在」
“Genealogy of Zionist Utopian Novels and the Absence of ‘Others’”
細田 和江/ Kazue Hosoda
“‘Who am I ?’ : Quest for Lost Identities in Sayed Kashua’s Fiction”
A.B.イェホシュア(翻訳:勝又 直也、悦子)/
A. B. Yehoshua (Translation: Naoya & Etsuko Katsumata) 
“The Non-Literary Reality of the Novelist in Israel”
三宅 良美/ Yoshimi Miyake
“Saying and Not-saying- Israeli Contemporary Films and Japanese Films”
A. B. イェホシュア/ A. B. Yehoshua
“The Place of the Hebrew Writer in the Revival of Zionism”
ニッツァ・ベン=ドヴ/ Nitza Ben-Dov 
「作家と批評家— 個人的証言」
“The Writer and the Critic — A Personal Testimony”
村田 靖子/ Yasuko Murata 
「A.B. イェホシュアの『マル・マニ』について」
“A. B. Yehoshua’s Mar Mani – A Sephardic World with Jerusalem as a Focal Point”
ドロン・B・コヘン/ Doron B. Cohen
“Translation and Publishing of Japanese Literature in Hebrew- Tendencies and Episodes”
ミハル(ミキ)・ダリオット・ブル/ Michal (Miki) Daliot-Bul 
“The Agony and the Joy of Translating from Japanese to Hebrew”

プログラム/Program of the Conference

出席者一覧/ List of Participants

編集後記/ Editorial Comment

ユダヤ学会議 vol.5 / The 5th CISMOR Conference on Jewish Studies vol.5


Judaism and Christianity in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages (English Part)

目次: Contents

巻頭言 : Preface

アダ・タガー・コヘン/ Ada Taggar-Cohen 
Introduction- The study of Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism
ペーター・シェーファー/ Peter Schäfer
Jewish Responses to the Emergence of Christianity
ペーター・シェーファー/ Peter Schäfer
タルムードのイエス Jesus in the Talmud
市川 裕/ Hiroshi Ichikawa
コメント Comment
浅野淳博/ Atsuhiro Asano
Partings of the Ways in the Apostolic Fathers
村山盛葦/ Moriyoshi Murayama
Comment- Considerations on the Relationship between the Self-definition of Early Christians and Judaism
前川 裕/ Yutaka Maekawa
Jews in the Gospels -A History or a Narrative?
石川 立/ Ritsu Ishikawa
Comment- Is the Methodology of Narrative Criticism Effective in Addressing Historical Questions?
オーラ・リモール/ Ora Limor
Jews and Christians -Dialogue, Debate, Discord
オーラ・リモール/ Ora Limor
Mary and the Jews- The Virgin Mary in the Christian-Jewish Debate
越後屋朗/ Akira Echigoya
コメント Comment

プログラム: Program of the Conference

編集後記: Editorial comment