Japanese and Oriental Studies

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.8/ 2018

1.Samir Abdel Hamid Noah
"Sufism, Human Feeling that Transcend the Limits of Globalization: An Approximate View of hte Employment of Sufism in both Islamic and Japanese Societies"
2.Junya Shinohe
"Ahmed Arega: The Founder of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) in Japan"
3.Hiroshi Tone
"Retelling Paidika in Ibn Hesham's Hadith"
4.Zien Al Abdin Mahmoud
"Reflections upon Proper Modern Hebrew"
5.Galal Elhefnawi
"Syntax in Alrhman Vers, an Analytic Study in The light of Applied Linguistics"
6.Gamal Abdul Samei El Shazly
"The Problem of Symbolism and Its Meaning in The Lady and the Peddler by Shmual Yousaf Agnon"
7.Naglaa Rafat Salem
"Jerusalem in Modern Hebrew Poetry"
8.Eman Ibrahem Araffa
"The Impact of Refinement of Morals by Ibn Miskawayh on the Morals of Nasery, by Nosseir Aldin Altousy"

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.7/ 2013

1.Samir Abdel Hamid Noah
"The symbolism of holy places in the religious Japanese Ideology. Islamic study"
2.Katsuhiro Kohara
"How to over come the hatred culture to restore intellectual and Spiritual security?"
3.Amal Refaat Youssef
"The Egyptian and Japanese multi-cultural identity 'Religious festivals' as case study"
4. Naglaa Rafat Salem
"Death in the modern Hebrew poetry 'selected Poems'"
5.Gamal Abdul Samei El Shazly
"The image Simson between the old Testament and Moshe Smillansky's 'Simons' A Comparative study in both form and study"
6.Mohammed Ahmad Saleh
"Political Alienation and reflections in almog Bihar's 'Tchkala and Haskell' novel"
7.Alaa Abdul Hakam Ali
"The Characters in Lila Abas Ali ZAda's 'Sheren Asheq's fliration, novel. A constructive study"
8.Mona Zakaria Abdul Rahman
"Carnival and deconstruction of dominant discourse in Salah Abdul Sabour's plays: A night traveller & After the King's death, as case studies"
9.Naglaa Rafat Salem
"Settlement in modern Hebrew literature"
10.Tawfik Abu Shomer
"Conflict in Israel: A study in the Israeli society and its religious, partisan, ethnic and class mosaic"

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.6/ 2012

1. Saleh Mohammed Zaki Mahmoud Lahibi
"Civilizational values in Islam and the methods of their activation"
2. Asia Chekirb
"Civilizational values in the four Gospels and the Qur'an and the globalization's challenges ( Justice, Peace, Tolerance and Freedom as a model)"
3. Junya Shinohe
"Preaching Islam in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the structural analysis of Surah Al-Fatihah"
4. karem Mahmoud Aziz
"Ethics in Judaism - the Ten Commandments as a model"
5. Othman Mahmoud Mohna
"The impact of religious values in the poems of the Mughal era"
6. Yumi Murayama
"Visiting Research Fellow at Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture"
7. Katsuhiro Kohara
"Analysis of Conflicting Religious Values to Achieve Tolerance and Peace: Monotheism and Polytheism in Japan"
8. Samir Abdel Hamid Noah
"The status of hte Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Japanese Writings, an introduction to the interfaith Muslim- Japanese dialogue"
9. Salah Osman
"Understanding of Islam in Japan (between past and present) By Professor Dr / Samir Abdul Hamid Nouh"
10. Gamal Abdel Samie Shazly
"Synonymy between Arabic and Hebrew, antipodal study through Ben-Shemesh's translation of the meaning of the Holy Quran"
"Manual in the jurisprudence of worship"
"Return to Jaffa"
11. Junya Shinohe
"Religious values.. Is it the way to reconciliation between the European Union and Muslim world? Reactions to thte cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)"

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.5 /2011

1. Samir Abdel Hamid I. Noah
"Peace-building thorough the Dialogue among Religions and Creeds - Proposal from the view ofJapanese Civilization"
2. Ahmad Mohamed Ahmad Abdel Rahman
"The Contribution of Islam in Sikhism"
3. Kazuko Shiojiri
"Rationalism in Islam and Co-Existence with Other religions Religions : Considering the Challenge on History of Thought "
4. Katsuhiro Kohara
"Creation and Eschatological Crises in Japan : A Theological Lesson Learned from the Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima Disasters"
5. Hassan Ko Nakata
"The deconstruction of Sunnite Theory of Caliphate -Spreading the Rule of Law on the Earth"
6. Shihab Fares
"The Japanese experience during the Meiji era : Transferring Western Knowledge and the Modernization Process "
7. Gamal Abdel Samie Shazly
"The problematic aspect of translating Naguib Mahfouz’s “Al Soukaraya” into Hebrew"
8. Najla Rafat Salem
"Yemen’s Jews in the literature of the first immigration (1881-1903) "
9. Gamal Abdel Samie Shazly
"Studies in Modern Hebrew Literature (PartⅠ)"
10. Gamal Abdel Samie Shazly
"Studies in Modern Hebrew Literature (PartⅡ)"
11. Gamal Abdel Samie Shazly
"Voting system when the Israelis and Arab ignorance"
Centre of Oriental Studies
"View with the words of moses Bin maimon and the impact of Islamic"

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.4 /2010

1.Mohammed Khalifa Hassan
"Entrance of the moral and achieve convergence between Islamic and oriental thought"
2. Samir Abdel Hamid Nouh
"The history of Coexistence between Muslims and Followers of Other Religions in S. E. Asia"
3. Katsuhiro Kohara
"Discourse on Monotheism in Japanese Society"
4. Mira Matsumoto
"Choosing the be Chosen: The Challenges of freedom for American Jews"
5. Kenichi Matsumoto
"Japanese national identity and common Asian House"
6. Yuki Shiozaki
"Japanese Occupation in Southeast Asia during the Second World War and Islamic Studies in Japan"
7. Gamal Mahmoud Abu Hajar
"Jerusalem: Reading in British contemporary writings(1920-1930)"
8. Ismaiel Zainuddin
The Other, Egyptian Tunisian Model ”Tahtawi and Khairuddin”
9.Naglaa Rafat Salem
"The Portrait of the religious (Female) jew in the story named "Apples from the Land" by : Sevion Levecht"
10.Book Review
Gamal Abdessamii Ashazli

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.3 /2009

1. Ismael M. .Zain Alddin
"Raouf Abbas and the Japanese experience"
2. Shihabuddin Faris
"The Japanese experience and some features of modern education in Japan"
3. Ala Ali Zain Alabedin
"Japanese experience and the roots of modern Japanese thought(Egyptian Vision)"
4. Koichi Mori
"Proper Approaches to inter-religios differences"
5. Samir Abdel Hamid I. Nouh
"Human rights and religion in Japan, Relationship Between human rights and religions(Case Study)"
6. Omer Saber Abel Jalil
"Religious relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt, (A unique model of the positive impact of a common cultual)"
7. Katsuhiro Kohara
"Correlative Relationships between the Indigenization of Fait and Nationalism: As Issues of Theology of Religions"
8. Kenji Tomita
"Islamic rule and democracy-contact and separation"
9. Walid Mahmoud Abdennasir
"Japan and the dialogue with the Arab and Islamic worlds"
10. Ibrahim Al Baiyomi Ghanim
"The future of the European-Turkish relations"

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.2 /2008

1. Samir Nouh
"Arab Islamic Culture in Japan; Past and Present"
2. Abd El-Latif M. Khalefa
"Some Traits of Japanese Personality"
3. Mohamad M. Abo Ghder
"Japanese Israeli Relation, The Historical Dimension"
4. Hasan Hanfi
"Islam in Europe"
5. Sa'd Abd Alaziz
"Reactions to the Pope's Remarks in the Israeli Newspapers"
6. Koichi Mori
"What lies behind the Pope's Remarks on Islam (A Problem in the Pope's way of Understanding Europe)"
7. Mohamad Khalifa Hasan
"Islam between Dialogue and Conflict (The Conflict of Civilizations)"
8. Ahmad M. Hewidi
"Religion of Patriarchs: A Critical Study according to Pentateuch Sources"
9. Masahide Goto
"Modern Judaism and Religious Tolerance; On the Paradoxical Phenomenon of Exclusivism in Enlightenment"
10. Book Review
Ahmed Al bahnasy / Etsuko Katsumata

Japanese and Oriental Studies vol.1 /2007

1. Samir Nouh
"Tolerance in Contemporary Japanese Society and Terrorism (the Case of Christianity and Islam in Japan)"
2. Koichi Mori
"Trends of Academic Research in Japan (the Case of Doshisha University)"
3. Yumna Tarif AL Kholi
"The Philosophy of Japanese Modernistic Experience"
4. Ahmad M. Hewidi
"The Common Ground in Revealed Religions in Orientalists Writing"
5. Hassan Ko Nakata
"The Border of the Salvation -- The Salvation of Non- Muslims in Islam"
6. Mohamad Khalifa Hasan
"A Comparative Study of the Charastristics of Monotheistic Religions and Far Eastern Religions"
7. Farouq Aqbiq
"The Visible and the Invisible in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict"
8. Katsuhiro Kohara
"Discourses and Real Politics on Monotheism and Polytheism"
9. Kenji Tomita
"The Iranian Islamic State and the Present: Exploring the Front Line of the Conflict of Civilizations"