Past Research Activities

CISMOR workshop

Reconciliation in Judaism

Date: 2021/03/06 16:00-18:00
Place: on line (zoom)
  • Professor Dr. Martin Leiner, Director of Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (JCRC) ,Friedrich-Schiller- University Jena
  • Associate Prof. ONO Fumio, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Doshisha University
The topic of reconciliation in Judaism still is highly controversial. On one extreme side, scholars claim that reconciliation only is a minor ethical commandment, whereas the Yom Kippur is about atonement and has not much to do with reconciliation. On the other side, scholars see in the Yom Kippur tradition and in Judaism the essential source of all what Christianity, Islam and secularized Western ethics have said about reconciliation. In a critical dialogue with arguments for the extreme positions, and more in detail in a debate with Martha Nussbaum’s genealogy of forgiveness in her book “Anger and Forgiveness”, the presentation will show how reconciliation with G-d, with the other (which other?) and with oneself has been developed since the Tora. The interest is to find the exact meaning of reconciliation in the different periods: Tora, Talmud, European Middle Ages and 19th and 20th Century. This leads to some outlooks on Christianity, Islam, Reconciliation Studies and
The conference also presents the results of a new PhD thesis written at Jena center for Reconciliation Studies by André Zempelburg.