CISMOR Seminar

Date Theme Lecturer
And the Lord your God will bring you into the land that your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it (Deut. 30:5) : The Land of Israel in Rabbinic Literature
  • Dr. Hanan Mazeh (The Berkowitz Research Fellow, New York University School of Law)
The Modern Research of Zen Buddhism and Hassidism Between Mysticism, Orientalism and Jewish and Japanese Nationalism
  • Prof. Boaz Huss (The Goldstein-Goren Department of Jewish Thought at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
White Evangelical Populism: Its Historical, Religious, and Political Development and Its Meaning for US Policy
  • Prof. Marcia Pally (at New York University, Fordham University Annual Guest Professor at the Theology Faculty, Humboldt University-Berlin)
“The Happiest Land of them All” Uchimura Kanzō and how Denmark became a role model for Japan
  • Dr. Esben Petersen (Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University)
Myanmar: the Current Crisis and the Nature of the State
  • Prof. Nishikawa Yukiko ( Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University)
”Stolpersteine remembrance – An intercultural and traumatic reevaluation of the Kindertransport”
  • Dr. Esta Tina Ottman(Associate Professor at Doshisha University’s Faculty of Global and Regional Studies)
“An Old Bible Rediscovered in Cairo and the Future of Egyptian-Jewish Heritage”
  • Prof. Yoram Meital (Professor of Middle East Studies, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
”The Challenge of Translating the Bible”
  • Prof. Robert Alter (professor of the Graduate School, and Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley.)
“Early Jewish and early Christian Apocalypticism”
  • Prof. Dr. Samuel Vollenweider (Professor of the Study of New Testament and early Christian Literature Faculty of Theology, University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Questioning the WAR in Tigray, Ethiopia, since November 2020 News, doubts, facts and counterfacts
  • Prof. Éloi Ficquet , Professor of Center for Social Sciences Studies of Religions (CéSor), School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), Paris
Where Are the Women in Eternity?
  • Prof. Gina Luria Walker, Professor of Women's Studies, Director of the New Historia, The New School, New York
What is the Antonym of Sin? Christianity and The Place of Dazai’s Narrative in the Literary Discourse of the Pre- and Postwar Years
  • Prof. Massimiliano Tomasi (Western Washington University, Director, Center for East Asian Studies)
The God Who is Affected by Human Problems: Atonement Through Israelite Purification Offerings
  • Prof. Roy E. Gane (Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary)
Deborah Romm – A Cultural Agent and Marketing Genius in 19th Century Europe
  • Prof. Mordechai (Motti) Zalkin ( Professor, Dept. of Jewish History, Ben-Gurion University )
【cancelled】Challenges of Nation-state, Islam and Transnationalism in the Middle East: Turkish Perspectives
  • Dr. Hasan Murat MERCAN(Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Japan )
“Between Judaism, Christ and Zen: Leonard Cohen prays to his God”
  • Dr. Doron B. COHEN (CISMOR Research Fellow Part-time lecturer, Graduate School of Theology, Doshisha University)
“Urban Religion Religion and the City in Historical Perspective”
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Rüpke ( Vice Director of the Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt)
“Religious Voices and the Making of Modern Human Rights 70 Years After the UDHR”
  • Dr. Peter Petkoff(Senior Lecturer, Brunel University School of Law Director of the Religion, Law and International Relations Program, a collaborative international research network at Regent's Park College, Oxford, and Managing Editor of the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion)
“Are Catastrophes Inherited? The Case of the Second Generation of the Holocaust”
  • Prof. Yigal Schwartz (Professor at the Department of Hebrew Literature Founding Director of the Heksherim Research Institute for Jewish and Israeli Literature & Culture, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)
The Phantom of the Holocaust: An Interdisciplinary Discussion of Trauma
  • Dr. Rina Dudai (Senior Lecturer at the Kibbutzim College of Education and Tel Aviv Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis)
“The Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls as Representing Variety in Judaism and Early Christianity”
  • Emanuel Tov (Judah Leib Magnes Professor, Emeritus Department of Bibile, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
“Christians in Aleppo (16th-19th Century) : communities and individuals”
  • Prof. Bernard André Heyberger, Director d’études , Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
”When the Missionary Meets the Other: The case of a Dane, Jens M.T. Winther (1874-1970) – Based on His Own Words”
  • Prof. Christian M. Hermansen ( School of Law and Politics, Kwansei Gakuin University)
“Modern Extremist Groups and the Division of the World: A Critique from an Islamic Perspective”
  • Dr. Masaki NAGATA
“Overcoming the Doctrinal Gap: Parallelism in Contemporary Buddhist-Muslim Perceptions”
  • Dr. Kieko OBUSE, Visiting Researcher, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
“Conservative Christians in Donald Trump’s America”
  • Prof. Gavin James CAMPBELL, Graduate School of Global Studies
“Toyohiko Kagawaʼs Concept of Religion: With a Focus on the Relationship between Religion & Science”
  • Mr. Stig LINDBERG, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University
“Laozi as a God: What Was Lost in the Western Imagination of Daoism?”
  • Prof. James Robson, East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University
“Study Abroad in Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S.”
  • Prof. Thomas Henry Rohlich, Associate Kyoto Program (AKP) at Doshisha University
“Mithraism in Pannonia”
  • Dr. Blanka MISIC, Department of Ancient Civilizations, Champlain College Lennoxville, Canada
“Transpacific Protestantism in the Age of Empire”
  • Prof. James CAMPBELL, Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
“Muslim-Christian Dialogue: From Polemicism to Friendship”
  • Dr. Brandon Gallaher, Lecturer in Christian Theological Studies at the Department of Theology and Religion, University of Exeter
“Ferguson, Missouri: what happened on August 9, 2014, and the debate that continues”
  • Talk by Rev'd T. James Kodera, PhD Professor of Religion at Wellesley College
“Memories or Politics? Relations between China and Japan”
  • Professor Alan Hunter (Professor of Asian Studies, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK Visiting Professor of Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University)
“The Orthodox Church and Inter-faith Dialogue”
  • Doctor Brandon Gallaher (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford)
“Christianity in China”
  • Reverend Doctor Kim-Kwong Chan (Executive Secretary, Hong Kong Christian Council)