Public Lectures

This page gives you the detail of CISMOR lectures. We report on the past public lectures to return the results of our research to society.

As for closed meetings or workshops, click here for more information. At the international workshop, a specific theme is discussed and studied in-depth with invited researchers from all over the world. Through these workshops, we hope to form a global network of researchers for the interdisciplinary study of monotheistic religions.

Date Title Speaker
The Languages of the Jews and Their Convergence with Neighboring Cultures through History
The Future of Liberal Democracy in the 21st Century Prof. Francis Fukuyama (Johns Hopkins University)
Islam and the West: Examining the Diplomatic Thought of the United States
Sadr Movement in Iraqi Politics Prof. Juan Cole (University of Michigan)
Pictorial Narratives Represented in Late Assyrian Reliefs during the Reign of Assurbanipal Chikako Watanabe (Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies, Osaka Gakuin Junior College)
Religious Fundamentalism in South Africa Prof. David Chidester
(Institute for Comparative Religion in Southern Africa, Univ. of Cape Town)
“Salvation and Pluralism in Monothestic Religions”
Christ as a Tao: An East Asian Christology of the Tao (Christo-tao) Kim Heup Young (Professor, Kangnam University)
EU Security Policy and Christianity Jörn Thießen (Member of the German Bundestag, Deputy Chairman German-Japanese Parliamentary Friendship Group)
Gods of the Ancient Egyptians Hiroshi Suita (Professor, Faculty of Letters, Kansai University)