Public Lectures

This page gives you the detail of CISMOR lectures. We report on the past public lectures to return the results of our research to society.

As for closed meetings or workshops, click here for more information. At the international workshop, a specific theme is discussed and studied in-depth with invited researchers from all over the world. Through these workshops, we hope to form a global network of researchers for the interdisciplinary study of monotheistic religions.

Date Title Speaker
Why are America and Iran in Conflict? -Tramp’s Middle East Strategies and Iran’s Politics Prof. NAKANISHI Hisae (Professor, the Dean of Graduate School of Global Studies, Deputy Director of CISMOR)
The Hittites and the (Hebrew) Bible: History and Culture Lecture:
Prof. Ada Taggar Cohen (Proffessor, Graduate School of Theology, Doshisha University/ Director of Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions )

Hajime YAMAMOTO ( Shool of Theology, Doshisha University/ JSPS Research Fellow)

Co-Existence in the Bible RO Johannes Unsok, Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University, Professor
MINESHIGE Kiyoshi, Department of Holistic Human Sciences, School of Human Welfare Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University, Professor
Contemporary Religious Culture in Europe Prof. Dr. DOROTHEA LÜDDECKENS (The University of Zurich Department of Religious Studies )
The Story of Joseph: In religion, Art and Music Lecture
Lecturer:Assoc Prof. Etsuko Katsumata
(School of Theology, Doshisha University)*
Prof. Teruaki Moriyama
(School of Theology, Doshisha University)*
Prof. Christian Morimoto Hermansen
(School of Law & Politics, Kwansei Gakuin University)**
Prof. David Chandler
(Faculty of Letters, Doshisha University) **
* Lecture in Japanese
** Lecture in English (with distribution of Japanese Language hand out)

Musical Performance
Performer:「Prof. Sekiya and his Friends」
Commentator:Prof. Naoto Sekiya
(School of Theology, Doshisha University)
Literature as the Interface Between the Foundation of Modern Japanese Culture and Christianity Prof. Nobuhiro Nakamura (Faculty of Liberal Arts, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts)
International Cultural Diversity in the Ancient Near East Kazuya Shimogama , Curator, The Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo
Nobuyuki Fujii, Researcher, Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University
Boundary between Pyramids and Temples: Kings and Gods of the Early State in Egypt Prof. Tomoaki NAKANO (College of International Studies, Chubu University)
“Religions and Social Construction – Legal Prohibitions and Restrictions on Food and other items in Christianity, Judaism of late antiquity and Buddhism” Prof.Moriyoshi MURAYAMA (School of Theology, Doshisha University)
Assoc Prof.Etsuko KATSUMATA (School of Theology, Doshisha University)
Prof. Shizuka SASAKI (Faculty of Letter, Hanazono University)