Public Lectures

This page gives you the detail of CISMOR lectures. We report on the past public lectures to return the results of our research to society.

As for closed meetings or workshops, click here for more information. At the international workshop, a specific theme is discussed and studied in-depth with invited researchers from all over the world. Through these workshops, we hope to form a global network of researchers for the interdisciplinary study of monotheistic religions.

Date Title Speaker
“The Emergence of the Godless Jew: Russia and Beyond” Prof. Yakov Rabkin (Université de Montréal)
Secularism in Turkey: A Turning Point in the 85-Year Experience of the Unity of the Republic Prof. Masanori Naito (Hitotsubashi University)
At the Center of Africa, Congo: Religion, Liberation Wars, HIV-AIDS and World Cooperation (Japan) Prof. Felix U. Kaputu ( University of Lubumbashi )
The Personal Deity in the Ancient Mesopotamian Religion Prof. Ichiro Nakata
(Emeritus professor of Chuo University, Former board member of The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan)
Problems in Inter-Religious Dialogue: The Understanding of Islam in the Perspective of Western Globalization Prof. Kazuko Shiojiri (University of Tsukuba)
International Conference Democracy and Religion: Cases of Iran and Japan Prof. Katsuhiro Kohara (Doshisha Univ.)
The Polytheistic World of Sumer Prof. Toru Maeda (School of Letters, Waseda University)