21st Century COE Program Archive

Educational Activities

CISMOR has established three educational processes with the goal of fostering specialists who will promote dialogue between civilizations. In an international educational environment, these three processes will function in a cyclical pattern, continuing to foster independent young researchers.

Educational Activities


I Tutorial Education

This is a fundamental educational process that assists graduate students in becoming independent researchers in the future. To ensure that the themes established by individual graduate students are viewed from a multilateral perspective, small joint research groups will be formed, and detailed guidance will be provided by professors and "COE Research Instructors."

Regarding languages, an intensive course has been established to promote practical skills in English on a level that enables the students to function at international conferences and workshops. In addition to English, intensive courses are also available in Arabic and Modern Hebrew.


II On-site Education

In Tutorial Education, graduate students who are in the process of independently investigating research topics and directions by which to address these topics continue to refine skills in the foreign languages that they have been learning.

In On-site Education, they conduct fieldwork related to their research themes at overseas research facilities in order to further expand on their own research results. CISMOR has established a "Cultural Understanding and Language Research Center" in Malaysia as an overseas research base, to enable graduate students to immerse themselves entirely in the study of differing cultures.


III Independent Education

Graduate students who are gradually developing their skills as independent researchers in On-site Education independently participate in and conduct joint research and international workshops in collaboration with graduate students from overseas research institutions.

They also present their own research results, developed through the above education processes ( I and II ) at international academic conferences.

Graduate students who have gained skills and confidence as independent researchers provide guidance and assistance to newer graduate students in Tutorial Education as "COE Research Assistants."