21st Century COE Program Archive

Research Group1

Reexamination of Monotheism and Dialogue of Civilizations

No.1 Yasuyuki Matsunaga The Iranian Revolution, the Islamic Republic, and U.S.-Iran Relations: The Roots of the Problem
No.2 Katsuhiro Kohara
Barriers to the coexistence between civilizations and religions: Creation and echatology of the "Corpus Christianum"
Koichi Mori Millenialism and the Mission of America
No.3 Masanori Naito Obstacles to Reconciliation with Muslims in Western Europe
Hassan Ko Nakata Obstacles to Coexistence – The Case of Islam
No.1 O. Bakar 「Interfaith Dialogue from Perspective of History of Islamic Civiliization」
No.2 Takehito Miyake Secularism and Modernization in Christianity, From the Viewpoint of Religious Sociology
M. Shiegel Secularism and Modernization in Christianity: The Catholic Perspective
No.3 Tokuji Kawai Spinoza: An Isomer in the History of European Thought — His Thought on God, Ethics, and Politics
Shozo Iijima Machiavelli, Spinoza and Leo Strauss — Philosophy and Religion
No.4 Toshifuji Goto Monotheism’ from the Viewpoint of the Ancient Indo-Iranian Religion
Hiroshi Marui Ascertainment of the Validity of Religious Tradition(s) in Indian Philosophy: Apologetics and Tolerance
No.5 Masato Iizuka Contemporary Islam
Ko Nakata
No.1 Isaiah Teshima The Turning Point in Rabbinic Judaism: The Destruction of the Temple and its Effects on the Political Theologies of the Sages
Hiroshi Ichikawa The Hierarchy of Authority and the Interpretation of Scripture in Modern Judaism in Relation to the Modern State and Democracy
No.2 Takashi Kato A Typology of the Christian World From the Viewpoint of the Comparative Study of Civilizations
Ritsu Ishikawa The Possibility of Canonical Interpretation: the Canon as a Jar of Clay
No.3 Yoji Takeoka The Sudan's Contemporary Conflict:
No.4 Kazuko Shiojiri "Jihad" in the Interpretation of the Qu'ran
Ko Nakata Jihad and "Islamic World"
No.5 Yasushi Kosugi Islamic Democracy: Its Ideals, Experience, and Prospects
Jun Furuya The Changing Interface between Politics and Religion in the American Founding Idea
Kenji Kanno The French Republic and the Jews: A Touchstone of the "Laicite"
No.1 B.Zikmund Issues Facing Monotheistic Religions in the United States
Ko Nakata Coexistence with non-Muslims in Islamic Thought
No.2 Isaiah Teshima Criticism of A. Toynbee in Jewish Studies: On the Inclusiveness and Exclusiveness of Civilizations
Etsuko Katsumata Dialogue with Others in Rabbinical Judaism
No.3 Shinichi Nakazawa (Open for the public) Monotheism and Polytheism: Towards A New Dialogue of Civilization
No.4 Atsushi Okuda People and Human Rights in Islamic Law
Ken Miichi Tolerance and Exclusivity in Islamism in Indonesia
No.5 Takashi Shiraishi U.S. Policies against Southeast Asia – Focusing on the War against Terrorism
Maki Tahara A View on U.S. Policies against the Middle East – Between Adventurism and Thought Stopping
No.6 Solomon Schimmel Developing an Internet – Based Trialogue on Peace and Reconciliation in Judaic, Christian and Islamic Thought
No.1 Akio Tsukimoto The Background of Ancient Israel and Monotheism
No.2 Takashi Kato Christianity and the Formation of Monotheism
No.3 Shigeru Kamata Islam and the Development of Monotheism