The Activities with “Program to Support Formation of Strategic Research Basis in Private Universities”

Past Lectures

This page gives you the detail of CISMOR lectures. We report on the past public lectures to return the results of our research to society.

As for closed meetings or workshops, click here for more information. At the international workshop, a specific theme is discussed and studied in-depth with invited researchers from all over the world. Through these workshops, we hope to form a global network of researchers for the interdisciplinary study of monotheistic religions.


Date Title Speaker
2013/10/19 Tutankhamun and the Return to Orthodoxy: The Post-Amarna Period of Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty Nozomu Kawai
Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University
2013/10/05 Persian Islamic Culture: From a viewpoint of calligraphy and poetry Hasan Ahangaran (Persian calligrapher)
Aliasghar Saem (Persian poet)
2013/09/21 The 2nd Joint Conference on Values in Religion: Conflict or Consensus among Religious Tradition and Mondern Values Prof. Mohamed Hawary(Ein Shams University), Prof. Hanan Rafik Mohamed(Cairo University), Prof. Katsuhiro Kohara(Doshisha University)
2013/07/20 Moderate Islam and the Role of Civil Society Movements in Emerging Economies: A Case of Muhammadiyah in Indonesia Dr. Din Syamsuddin, Professor of State Islamic University in Jakarta / President of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia
2013/07/09 Nihilism and Islam Mustapha Kamal Pasha
(Prof. Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen)
The 7th Annual Conference on Jewish Studies Jewish Cultural Creativity in Medieval Times and its Relations With Christian and Islam Traditions of Thought [6/29 SAT] Marc Saperstein (George Washington University, DC)
[6/30 SUN] Warren Zev Harvey (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
2013/06/08 For the Purpose of Realizing True Peace – Comparative Study between the Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt as told by the Copt and the Islamic Hegira- Prof. Munehiko Kuyama
(Visiting Professor, Department of Japanese Language and Literature,Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, Egypt)
2013/06/08 “Arab Spring and the Democratization Process in the Middle Eastern Countries” Wadah Aref A Khanfar
Ex-Director General , Al Jazeera TV Network
2013/05/10 Social Activity of Nahdatul Ulama: Coexistence of Plural Communities through Empowerment of Local Communities Dr. Salahuddin Wahid, Leader of Nahdatul Ulama, Indonesia
2013/02/16 Peace and Security in the Middle East: Alternative Ways to Democratization 【 Speakers 】
-※Norman Cook
 Former Executive Policy Director in Charge of the Middle
East and Africa at CIDA (Canadian International
Development Agency)
-Nurşin Güney
 Department of Political Science and International Relations,
 Yıldız Technical University, Turkey
-Peter Wagner
 Hungarian Institute of International Affairs (HIIA), Hungary
-Ryoji Tateyama
 Department of International Relations, National Defense Academy of Japan

【 Moderators 】
-Satoru Nakamura
 Graduate School of Inter-cultural Studies, Kobe University
-Hisae Nakanishi
 Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University

※There is a change in the speaker

2013/02/09 Public Lecture with The Society of Near Eastern Studies in Japan Egypt on the eve of “Amarna”―Thebes at the end of the reign of AmenhotepIII Jiro Kondo
Professor of Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University
Director of Institute of EGYPTOLOGY, Waseda University
2012/12/15 “Monotheism and the Redefinition of Divinity in Ancient Israel” Prof. Dr. Mark S. Smith
(Skirball Professor of Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, New York University)
2012/12/03 A Wide-Angle View of U.S.-Japan Relations: Religion, Energy, and Domestic Politics 【Speakers】
Koji Murata
(Professor of Faculty of Law, Doshisha University)
Kunihiko Miyake
(Research Director of The Canon Institute for Global Studies)
Hisayoshi Ina
(Senior Editor of Nikkei Inc. )
James L. Schoff
(senior associate in the Carnegie Asia Program)
2012/11/24 What is the Islamic Republic of Iran? Kinich Komano
( Former Ambassador of Japan to Iran)
2012/11/12 The Effort of Muslim Scholars in Oman in the Deployment of Moderation Dr. Kahlan Nabhan Al-Kharusi
(Assistant of Grand Mufti, Oman)
International Conference on Conflict Prevention in the Middle East: Searching for Alternative Ways Recep Senturk,Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
Norman Cook, Former Executive Policy Director in Charge of the Middle East and Africa
2012/10/07 The Hebrew Culture: A World of Words and Journeys Nitza Ben-Dov (Professor, University of Haifa)
2012/10/06 Jewish Identity from Myth to History Abraham B. Yehoshua (Israeli Novelist)
2012/09/15 イスラームと西欧近代の問題 ―共約不可能性と共存可能性を突き詰める Masanori Naito, Prof./Dean of Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha Univ.
Ko Nakata, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Research Center for Peace and Development in Afghanistan, Doshisha Univ.
2012/07/22 Monotheism and International Politics: with special reference to the US Presidential Election of 2012 【Lecture】
―Masahito Watanabe, Associate Professor of Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University
―Kunihiko Miyake, Research Director of The Canon Institute for Global Studies
【Panel Discussion】
―Hisayoshi Ina, Senior Editor of Nikkei Inc.
―Katsuhiro Kohara, Professor of School of Theology, Director of CISMOR, Doshisha University
―Koji Murata, Professor of Faculty of Law, Deputy Director of CISMOR, Doshisha University
2012/06/27 What is necessary for Reconciliation and Peace Building? ―Mr. Numan Erdogan (Chairman of the Board, Afghan Turk Cag Educational NGO)
―H.E. Shaikh Iadena Mohammad (Member of Political Council of Islamic
Emirate of Afghanistan)
―H.E. Shaikh Abdulsalam Zaeef (President of Afghan Foundation / Former
Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan)
―H.E. Dr. Ghairat Baheer (Head of Political Affairs at Hezbi Islami / Former
Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan)
―H.E. Dr. Masoom Stanekzai (Advisor to the President on Internal Security,
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
2012/05/26 Iran’ s Domestic Governance and Nuclear Development After Arab’s Spring Prof. AbouMohammad Asgarkhani
(Director of the Center for Graduate International Studies, Faculty of Law, Tehran University)
【Commentator】Takaya Suto(Former Ambassador of Japan to Iran, Egypt)
2012/04/14 Present Situation of Afghanistan and the Activity of the NGO Karez Health & Educational Services Khaled Reshad, Doctor / Executive Director of Karez Health & Educational Service
2012/02/25 How Will Islamic Mutual Aid be Demonstrated? Looking at Activities in the Aftermath of The Great East Japan Earthquake and the Great Earthquake in Eastern Turkey Miyuki KONNAI, Program coordinator, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR JAPAN)
Idris DANISMAZ, Part-time lecturer of the Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
2012/02/18 Conflicts and Enrichment Through Interreligious Encounters: Remembering the Past and Envisioning the Future of Judaism, Christianity and Islam ― Dr. Yahya M. Michot, Professor of Duncan Black Macdonald Center, Hartford Seminary
― Dr. Jonathan Magonet, Emeritus Professor of Leo Baeck College
― Dr. Paul R. Mendes-Flohr,Emeritus Professor of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
― Dr. Ibrahim M. Zein, Professor of International Islamic University Malaysia
2012/01/21 Japanese Religion and Monotheism: Focusing on the Concept of Religion and the Universality Jun’ichi ISOMAE, Associate Professor of International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Katsuhiro KOHARA, Professor of School of Theology, Director of CISMOR, Doshisha University
2012/01/11 「なぜ今イランが問題なのか――アラブの春とイラン・米国」 Hisae Nakanishi, Professor of the Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
2011/12/20 The Role and Future of Religion in Global Politics John L. Esposito (Professor of Georgetown University)
2011/11/26 Islam and Science Mojtaba Zarvani, Associate Professor of University of Tehran
Salah Osman, Chair of Philosophy Department, Minufiya University
【Guest Panelist】Yasushi Kosugi, Professor of Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
2010/11/06 Japan Matters for America/ America Matters for Japan ―The Past History and Future Challenges of Japan-U.S. Relations [Panelist]
Satu LIMAYE, East-West Center in Washington
Andrew OROS, Washington College
Toshihiko HAYASHI, Doshisha University
Koji MURATA, Doshisha University
2011/10/29 “Judaism and Christianity in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages” 10/29(Sat.) Prof. Ora Limor, History and Judaic Studies, Open University, Israel
10/30(Sun.) Prof. Peter Schäfer, Judaic Studies and Religion, Princeton University, USA
2011/10/24 Afganistan in 2014――Challenges and Opportunities Reiichiro Takahashi, Japanese Ambassador in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
2011/10/22 Muslim Women in the Contemporary World H.H. Princess Prof. Dr. Sarah A. Bin Jalawi Al Saud, Chairperson of Prince Abdulmohsin Bin Jalawi Center for Research & Islamic Studies
2011/09/24 Religion in China: Focusing on the Monotheistic Religions Xu Xin, Professor of Nanjing University/ Director of Center for Jewish Studies
John Z. X. Wang, Lecturer of Xiangfan University/ CISMOR Visiting Researcher
Min Junqing, Vice Secretary-General of China Hui Studies Association
2011/09/16 Securitization and Islam in Britain Mustapha Kamal Pasha, Sixth Century Professor/ Head of International Relations, University of Aberdeen
2011/08/01 Christianity in Contemporary China: How do Christians live in the Atheist Society? Xue Enfeng, Director of the Kansai Activity Center, Nippon Christian Academy
2011/07/30 Delving into the Transforming Middle East Katsuhiro KOHARA, Professor of School of Theology, Doshisha University/ Director of CISMOR
Masanori NAITO, Professor of Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University/ Deputy Director of CISMOR
Koji MURATA, Professor of Faculty of Law, Doshisha University/ Deputy Director of CISMOR
2011/07/25 Arab’s Spring and Democracy in the Middle East: The Role of Islamic Forces Azzam TAMIMI, Director of Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London
H. E. Dr. Walid Mahmoud ABDELNASSER, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt
2011/07/23 Arab’s Spring and the US-Middle East Relations Toshinori SHIGEIE, Former Director of a Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guest professor of Doshisha University
Azzam TAMIMI, Director of Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London
2011/07/20 Islamophobia in Europe Masanori NAITO, Professor of Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
Chikako MORI, Associate Professor of Nanzan University
Reiko MIHARA, Assistant Professor of Doshisha University
Keisuke KIKUCHI, Associate Professor of Doshisha University
2011/06/29 Arab Media and the Conflicts in the Middle East: A View from the AL ARABIA TV Antoine AOUN, Program Editor of News and Current Affairs, Al Arabiya News Channel
Naji AL HARAZI, Senior Writer/ Reporter/ Translator in the News and Current affairs Department, Al Arabiya news channel
2011/06/11 Changing Egypt and Religion H. E. Dr. Walid Mahmoud ABDELNASSER, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt
2011/05/28 Interfaith Dialogue in Europe – Focusing on the Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relationships Rabbi Prof. Jonathan MAGONET, Emeritus Professor, Leo Baeck College
2011/03/12 The Islamic Caliphate between East and West – Historical reflections and contemporary considerations Reza PANKHURST, Researcher, The London School of Economics (LSE)
2011/02/26 The Early Relations with the Middle East: Japan and the British Mandate Palestine Kunio ISHIDA, Guest Professor, Nanzan University/ CISMOR Visiting Researcher
2011/02/12 Memphis and Thebes: Gods, Kings, and Human Beings in Ancient Egyptian Society Tomoaki NAKANO, Associate Professor, Chubu University/ Member of The Society of Near Eastern Studies in Japan
1/22. 1/23 Public Lecture “Jews and Christians, Jews and Muslims:The interactions of these religions in historical and cultural perspective” 1/22(Sat.) Ilan TROEN, Professor of Israel Studies at Brandeis University/U.S.A.
1/23(Sun.) Avigdor Shinan, Professor, Jewish Literature at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem/ Israel
2011/01/15 The Politics and Society in the U.S. after the Midterm Election [Panelist]
Hirotsugu AIDA, Managing Senior Writer, Kyodo News
Masashi IIYAMA, Senior Researcher, Yomiuri Research Institute
Takuya SASAKI, Rikkyo University
Koichi MORI, President・Director, Kobe College Foundation
Koji MURATA, Doshisha Univeristy
2010/12/18 The Distress of the Pope Kagefumi UENO, Former Ambassador of Vatican
2010/11/26 Peace and Security in the Middle East: From Iran’s Perspectives Mahmood SARIOLGHALAM, Professor, Shahid Beheshti University
Seyed Mohammad Kazem SAJJADPOUR, Professor, School of International Relations
2010/11/06 Japan Matters for America/ America Matters for Japan ―The Past History and Future Challenges of Japan-U.S. Relations [Panelist]
Satu LIMAYE, East-West Center in Washington
Andrew OROS, Washington College
Toshihiko HAYASHI, Doshisha University
Koji MURATA, Doshisha University
2010/10/23 Tolerance in New England Puritanism: Its Medieval Context and Modern Misunderstanding Anri MORIMOTO, Professor, International Christian University
2010/08/07 Leonard Bernstein and Jewish-Christian Relation: Struggle against Anti-Semitism Hillel LEVINE, Professor, Boston University
2010/07/31 Iran’s Suspected Nuclear Development and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime Shuzo KIMURA, emeritus professor, KOBE University
2010/06/19 Archaeological Excavations at Tel‘En Gev and Tel Rekhesh Noritsugu YAMAUCHI, curator, Tenri University SANKOKAN Museum
2010/06/17 The Present Situation of Influential Media in the Middle East and their Impact : Al-Ahram newspaper and Al-Jazeera TV Kamal GABALLA, Managing Editor, Al-Ahram Newspaper
Mohamed A. Shokeir, Programme Editor, Al-Jazeera English
2010/05/15 Martin Buber and his Biblical Hermeneutics Ken-ichi KIDA, professor, Yamanashi Eiwa College
2010/05/08 Globalization and the American Hegemony: And the Future of US-Japanese Relations Takeshi IGARASHI, professor, J.F. Oberlin University
2010/03/13 The Coptic Circumstances under the Arab Islam Conquest of Egypt in the Seventh Century – A Reflection on Co-existence of Today- Moritada MURAYAMA, Pastor, United Church of Christ in Japan
2010/03/06 Coexistence of Religions in Turkey: It’s Problems and Prospects Masanori NAITO Professor, Hitotsubashi University
2010/02/27 Anthropological Linguistic Approach to Islamic Sound-culture as Reflected in the Holy Qur’an (Koran) Tetsuo NISHIO, Professor, National Museum of Ethnology
2010/01/30 Turkey as a Bridge between Islam and the West H.E. Mr. Selim Sermet Atacanli, Turkish Amabassador
2010/01/16 What’s Happening to American Evangelicals: Are there Big Changes Underway? Richard CIZIK, president of New Evangelical Partnership, fellow of Open Society Institute, senior fellow of United Nations Foundation, former vice president of National Association of Evangelicals (NAE)
2009/12/19 The RAMBAM as a Mediterranean Philosopher Sarah STROUMSA, Rector of the Hebrew University / Professor of dept. of Arabic Language and Literature
2009/12/05 The Muhammad Cartoon Conflict and the Danish Politics of Negative Dialogue Peter HERVIK, visiting professor of Hitotsubashi university / CISMOR researcher
2009/10/17 Contract, Oath, and Treaty in the Ancient Near East Kazuko WATANABE, Professor of Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin
2009/07/25 Obama’s New Middle East Policy Noboru Yamaguchi (Professor, School of Defense Science, National Defense Academy of Japan)
Kunihiko Miyake (President, The AOI Foreign Policy Institute)
2009/06/27 The Issues of Islam among Youth of Immigrant Origins in French Suburbs Chikako Mori (Associate Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Nanzan University)
2009/05/26 A Quest for the Universal Values in the Post-secular Age: Possibilities of Religion Hent de Vries (Professor, Johns Hopkins University)
2009/02/28 Myth and Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia:A Case of the Gilgamesh Epic Akio Tsukimoto (Professor of Rikkyo University, President of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan)
2009/02/14 The Recent Situation of the Caucasus: Focusing on the Political Movements, the Ethnic Conflicts, the Religions, and the Impacts of the Georgian War Yoko Hirose (Assistant professor, Faculty of International Relations, University of Shizuoka)
2009/01/31 Religious Factors in the 2008 US Presidential Election Lecture 1 Religion in the 2008 US Presidential Election
Lecture Fumiaki Kubo (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Lecturer 2 The Changing Landscape of Politics and Religion in America:
New Trends in the Evangelical Community
Lecture Toshihiro Nakayama (Professor, Tsuda College)

2009/01/24 International Symposium “Dialogue in Islam: Issue of Dialogue Adopted by Muslims and Future of Dialogue Efforts” Muhammed Al-Zeer,
and 5 other speakersMuhammed Al-Zeer,
and 5 other speakers