21st Century COE Program Archive

Research Project2

Understanding the West in the Islamic Regime of Iran 

No.1 Yasuyuki Matsunaga The Theory and Practice of Fiqh-i Hukumati in post-Khomeini Iran
No.2 Mojtaba Zarvani Iran and Modernity
No.1 Mohammad Kazem Musavi Bojunurdi Process of the Establishment of Shiite States: The Medieval Islamic World
No.2 Takamitsu Shimamoto M. Motahhari's Ethical Thought
No.3 Shintaro Yoshimura Reza Shah's Dictatorship and International Relations: A Historical Study on Iranian Politics in a Transition Period
No.1   On the Islamic Regime of Iran: Twenty-six Years after the Revolution (Round-table Talk)
No.2   On the Orientation and Plans for 2005
No.3 Shintaro Yoshimura Some Aspects of the 9th Presidential Election in Iran, 2005: The Gap between Expectation and Reality
No.4 Kenji Tomita Muhammad Khatami, "Golge insan dar kame ajadhaye doulat"
No.5 Takamitsu Shimamoto Western Reasoning and Islamic Reasoning (preliminary research): The Case of B. Russell and M. Motahhari
No.6 Kenji Tomita Liberalism and Khomeini’s View on Justice
No.7 Kenji Tomita Book Review, Shintaro Yoshimura, Modern History of Iran and the International Relations of the Middle East
Shintaro Yoshimura Reconsidering the History of the Iran-Afghanistan 'Relationship', 1901-1941
No.8 Asuka Nakamura Current Tendency of Thoughts on Ashurah: Ostad Mesbah Yazdi, Azarakhshi-ye digar az Asman-e Karbara
No.1   "Legal Scholars and Politics"
No.2   "Legal Scholars and Politics"
No.3   "Legal Scholars and Politics"
No.4 Yasuyuki Matsunaga Current Conditions and Future of the Iranian Islamic Regime in View of the Results of the Iranian National Election,
Defeated Iranian Revolutionists and the Mortal Sin of the Bush Administration
No.5   "Legal Scholars and Politics"
No.6   "Legal Scholars and Politics"
No.7 Ko Nakata Typology for Shiites' Nation by Muhsin Caddyval
No.8 S. Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad 'Western Democracy from the View of Islamic Studies' – Lecture by Sheik Mohaggegdahmad
No.9 Yasuyuki Matsunaga The 2004 Parliamentary Election Results and the Future Prospect of the Islamic Republic Regime in Iran
No.10 Kenji Tomita Political Thought of Iranian Conservatives
No.11 Takamitsu Shimamoto Leadership Theory by M. Motahhari – Politics and Ethics of Twelve Imam Shiites0
No.1 Mohsen Kadivar Iran and Legal Scholars' Governance Theory – Present and Future