21st Century COE Program Archive

Research Group2

American Global and Monotheistic World

No.1 Yasuyuki Matsunaga The Iranian Revolution, the Islamic Republic, and U.S.-Iran Relations: The Roots of the Problem
No.2 Katsuhiro Kohara Barriers to the coexistence between civilizations and religions: Creation and echatology of the "Corpus Christianum"
Koichi Mori Millenialism and the Mission of America
No.3 Masanori Naito Obstacles to Reconciliation with Muslims in Western Europe 
Hassan Ko Nakata Obstacles to Coexistence – The Case of Islam
No.1 Noboru Yamaguchi   US Defense Transformation: America's Military Strategy in Transition?
No.2 Taku Ishikawa U.S. Nonproliferation Strategy and Iran's Nuclear Development
No.3 Kunihiko Miyake A Japanese Arabist's View on the Middle East
Takeshi Kono Violence and Terrorism: United States Counter-Terrorism Policy as Seen in Southeast Asia
No.4 Hirotsugu Aida Understanding the 2006 U.S. Midterm Elections – Focusing on the Evangelical Vote
Koji Murata Bush Foreign Policy after the Midterm Elections
No.5 Masato Iizuka Contemporary Islam
Ko Nakata
No.1 Fumiaki Kubo Religious Conservatives in the Republican Conservative Coalition: Cooperation, and some Tensions
Koji Murata The Second-term Bush Administration and the U.S.-Japan Relationship
No.2 Koji Igarashi UN Reform in the U.S. Unipolar System China and Multilateralism
Ryo Asano
No.3 Kinichi Yoshihara An Eye on American Politics: the Meaning of the Conservative Revolution for the Republican Party and the Congress
Toshihiro Nakayama The U.S. Democratic Party and the Election of 2008: Rebuilding the Party Infrastructure
No.4 Naofumi Miyasaka The London Bombings and U.S/European Counter-terrorism Policy: An International Security Perspective
Ko Nakata The Failure of Liberal Democracy: Focusing on the Ban on the Islamic Liberation Party
No.5 Yasushi Kosugi Islamic Democracy: Its Ideals, Experience, and Prospects
Jun Furuya The Changing Interface between Politics and Religion in the American Founding Idea 
Kenji Kanno The French Republic and the Jews: A Touchstone of the "Laicite"
No.1 Akira Usuki America and Zion: Some Issues Concerning Jerusalem, the Holy Land
Akifumi Ikeda The Contemporary Relations Between Israel and America: The Reality and the Image
No.2 Keiko Sakai What Will Happen After the Deligation of Authority
Koji Murata American Iraq Policy: Toward the Presidential Election
No.3 Yoshiyuki Kitazawa Palestinian Identity and Politics The Issue of Judaism and Israel-Palestine
Naoya Katsumata
No.4 Toshihiro Nakayama Supporting ground for U.S. Conservatives and Positioning of the Religious Right
Toshiaki Miura Polarized America – Whether Relationships with the Rest of the World Can Be Restored
No.5 Takashi Shiraishi U.S. Policies against Southeast Asia: Focusing on the War against Terrorism
Maki Tahara A View on U.S. Policies Against the Middle East: Between Adventurism and Thought Stopping
No.1 Koji Murata Historical Trends of American Diplomacy
Noboru Yamaguchi The U.S. Military Strategy Under the Bush Administration Diplomacy
No.2 Naofumi Miyasaka International Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Measures
Taku Ishikawa On the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
No.3 Yuka Uchida U.S. Policy Towards the Middle East
Hisayoshi Ina U.S. Foreign Policy Community in Washinton, DC