21st Century COE Program Archive

Summer Training Program in Israel 2007

Sunday, August 12

  1. Departure from Osaka


Monday, August 13

  1. Arrive at Tel Aviv, Move to Jerusalem
  2. Tour of Jerusalem by car for orientation
  3. A visit to the Old City of Jerusalem, and the surrounding areas


Tuesday, August 14

  1. Hebrew University:
    • – Archeological Institute – Tour with Prof. Amihai Mazar
    • – Truman Institute:
    • – Welcome by the administrative director, Naama Shpeter
    • – A lecture by Dr. Maya Rosenfeld (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences)
      "On current state of Palestinian society in Israel
    • – Academon bookstore
    • – Lunch at the Cafeteria
  2. Visit to the Israel Museum: 
    Shrine of the Book; Model of Jerusalem in Second Temple Period


Wednesday, August 15

  1. Drive to the southern city of Beer-Sheva.
  2. A study day at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:
    • – Tour of the campus
    • – Lectures organized by Prof. Boaz Huss:
    • – Prof. Boaz Huss (Department of Jewish Thought)
      Jewish Mysticisms: Kabbalah and its Revival in Contemporary Culture".
    • – Dr. Muhammad Al-Atawneh (Department of Middle East Studies)
      "Islam at the Turn of the 21st Century".
    • – Lunch on campus
  3. Visit to the Bedouin Culture Museum (at the Joe Alon Center), Lahav. 
  4. A visit to Kibbutz Ze’elim: the way of living in an Israeli community.
  5. Return to Jerusalem.


Thursday, August 16

  1. Drive to the Dead Sea area: 
    • Sea Level Point
    • Qumran
    • Masada
    • Kibbutz Ein Gedi: Botanical Gardens and lunch
    • Ein Gedi Spa: dip in the Dead Sea, mud and spa
    • Drive back to Jerusalem
  2. Dinner at the Hotel
  3. Meeting with the "Forum of Israeli and Palestinian Bereaved Parents", who lost their children in the conflict.


Friday, August 17

  1. Visit to Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Memorial.
  2. Drive to Beit Gamel Monastery, meeting with Christian nuns.
  3. Lunch at Yad Hashmona.
  4. Tour of Ein-Kerem monasteries.
  5. Participating in Sabbath Eve prayer at synagogue Har-El (Reform).
  6. Meeting with Israeli students from Hebrew University for dinner at a restaurant.


Saturday, August 18

  1. Drive from Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee (Kineret).
  2. Ein Dor – Tel Reches, archeological site.
  3. Capernaum – old synagogue and village; Tabgha Churches on the Sea of Galilee.
  4. Church of the Beatitudes.
  5. Lunch on the Kineret.
  6. Drive to the lower Golan Heights.
  7. Swim at the Sea of Galilee.
  8. Stay the night at hotel Pilgerhaus Tabgha on the Sea of Galilee.


Sunday, August 19

  1. Drive to Nazareth: Church of the Annunciation, Church of St. Joseph.
  2. Drive through Tzipori, an ancient Jewish town from the time of the Second Temple.
  3. Lunch
  4. Drive to Ussafiya: Druze community with a lecture and walk through the village by Dr. Abu Rukun
  5. Dinner in a restaurant in Haifa


Monday, August 20

  1. Drive to the University of Haifa
  2. Visit of the International School, the program for Modern Hebrew Studies.
  3. Lectures Organized by Prof. Iddo Landau of the Haifa University:

    • – Prof. Iddo Landau (Department of Philosophy) 
      "Multiculturalism in the Israeli Context
    • – Prof. Nitza Ben-Dov (Department of Hebrew and Comparative Literature) 
      "The Miraculous Revival of the Hebrew Literature
    • – Dr. Hannah Amit-Kochavi (Bar-Ilan University) 
      "Political and cultural aspects of Arabic-Hebrew literary translations".
  4. Lunch on campus.
  5. Visit to the Hecht Museum with guidance.
  6. Sightseeing of Haifa.
  7. Drive to Tel-Aviv, dinner in Tel-Aviv.
  8. Return to Jerusalem.


Tuesday, August 21

  1. Hebrew Union College:
    • – Lecture by Rabbi David Willfand on Reform Judaism.
    • – Skirbal Archeological Museum: Lecture by the curator Dalia Pakman.
  2. Makhane Yehuda Market and Nakhlaot area. Lunch.
  3. Downtown Jerusalem and celebrating dinner .


Wednesday, August 22

  1. Departure from Tel Aviv


Thursday, August 23

  1. Arrive at Osaka